The Orphansage

Welcome to The Orphansage

We couldn't get the name, 'The Orphanage'

We are about building a fun corporation. War, Piracy, Exploration, and Industry are all open to our future.

The Orphanpounder LLC, and Lothar Czech are the founders. We just wanted low taxes and decided to start a corporation that supports it.

You can joi the discord it'll be nice to chat!
Reach out to us if you have ideas to make this a better gaming experience.

Community Guidelines

Noone likes rules

  • 5% Tax rate -- subject to be lower
  • Help eachother out
  • Let the directors know when you wanna expand (We are both down for that)
  • Contribute what you can. We would like lower taxes.
  • No friendly fire... for now.


  • Finacial Manager
  • Industry Management
  • Mining Management
  • Defence and Security


If you want to get a hold of us, just drop a line at

Current Bases

Refinery [Athanor]

  • Merolles - Orphans Landing ( Athanor )
    • Reprocessor [Online]
    • Clone Bay [Offline]
    • Regional Market [Offline]

Engineering Complex [Raitaru]

  • Merolles [TBC - 14 days out]

Planetary Command Structure [Baren]

  • Merolles [TBC - 7 days out]

Looking to get into the game?

Use my referral link: